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let your kid be your guide in myanmar

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Come face to face with history

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Take the kids where you've never been

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wild encounters in bali

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Explore the wonders of the world

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Ask your kid about the hong kong skyline

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Ancient Capitals of Sri Lanka

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if you can cross the streets in vietnam ...

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what to expect

   Are you ready to let your kids guide you in the temples and listen to what they have to say?  Leap & Hop is a series of travel books that invite curious children to discover and understand different cultures while playing, drawing, scrapbooking, doodling, collecting and observing.  Now available: Bali, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India-Rajasthan,  Mongolia, Myanmar, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sri Lanka & Vietnam.

The Story Behind the Books

Isabelle wrote the first book for her three boys for a family trip to Cambodia.  The idea was to shadow the grownups' itinerary and find a way to engage them during the trip with fun and educational challenges, such as scavenger hunts, “I-Spy” games, puzzles, and word searches. It was such a success with her family that after three "homemade books" she teamed up with Emilie, the illustrator and art director, to create what is now the Leap & Hop series.

We hope your kids will have as much fun with the books as Isabelle's kids and countless others.