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"We also loved that we could use the book prior to the trip to introduce where we were going to the kids, and get them excited about the trip. By saving all the activities until we were actually travelling though, there was plenty to keep my daughter busy in airports, restaurants etc while we were there."
Product Review: Leap & Hop Travel Books
Mum On The Move - November 02, 2016
"There is no such thing as a non-kid-friendly place. Some countries are more challenging than others but it’s really about the attitude of the whole family. Everyone needs to be a little flexible: kids will understand that things are different when they travel."
Q & A Author Isabelle Demenge
Passported - September 19, 2016
"I think it’s such a wonderful way for children to discover a new destination (and a great way to keep them entertained during long flights and travel days)."
Leap & Hop Travel Books for Kids
Babyccino - July 28, 2016
"While exploring the ancient city of Polonnaruwa she searched for elephant carvings hidden on the old ruins and could engage with our guide about this ancient city. He even offered her a job!"
Exploring Sri Lanka with the Leap & Hop Travel Book
Smiths Holiday Road - July 03, 2016
"The clever thing about the book is how it includes the reader in its exploration of the city – children are asked to share mementos, keep track of their favourites foods, museums, draw the Eiffel Tower, etc, all whilst teaching the children about the city’s history and culture in a very engaging way."
Planning the Perfect Family Trip to Paris
one tiny leap - July 02, 2016
"The book is so jam-packed with information and things to do that you couldn’t possibly do it all on one trip so there will always be something to save for your next visit. The books are aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds although younger children would be able to enjoy some of the activities with their parents’ help."
How to Make City Trips Fun for Kids : The Leap & Hop Travel Guides
Suitcase and Sandcastles - June 15, 2016
"They never fail to provide fun and cultural experience for the whole family."
Leap & Hop your Way Through New York City
Hong Kong Moms - May 26, 2016
"Beautifully illustrated by Emilie Sarnel, a French Graphic Designer, there are literally hours upon hours of entertainment in every book bound to keep your curious little globetrotters engaged – before, during and after your travels. "
Leap & Hop Travel Books for Kids
Baby Globetrotters - June 18, 2016
"The way the book introduces history, religions, geography, food and culture of Sri Lanka is bite-sized and playful, and offers plenty of entry points to engage curious youngsters into talking about issues that normally would not catch their attention."
Leap & Hop kids travel guidebooks
Happy Go KL - May 11, 2015
"Overall, this extensive travel book is a surefire way of ensuring that children are immersed in their trip to India, in a way they'll really enjoy."
Review of Leap & Hop India, Rajasthan Kid's Travel Book
About.com - May 04, 2015
"With these kinds of activities the kids are surely going to absorb much more rather than just listening to the guide. "
Book Review: Leap & Hop Series, Great Travel Book For Kids
Mycity4kids - April 24, 2015
"My absolute favorite part is the “Airport Shots” section where they get to glue or draw a picture of them on their departure and another one on their way home. I bet you’ll be able to see how much more enriched they are."
Momaboard - October 06, 2014
"We try to make our adult stuff fun for the kids, rather than just focusing on finding kid-specific activities."
Beautiful Travel Activity Books from Leap & Hop
Jetlag & Mayhem - September 19, 2014
"She created not just an interactive book but she gave children the curiosity to discover new places and learn about other cultures through interesting information as well as games and activities."
Isabelle Demenge : a new way for children to experience travel
Pirouette - September 01, 2014
"The children have seen other cultures and they know that the world is a big place where people may do things in a very different way, eat other things, believe in different gods. It’s not something they’ve learnt in a book but it’s something they’ve experienced first-hand. "
Lightfoot Travel Tales - July 11, 2014
"With these books, suddenly a temple is no longer just a temple, but a new challenge that they can busy themselves for hours with."
Cultural Family Holidays Get a New Spin
LATTE - Luxury Australian Travel Trade E-News - July 11, 2014
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